ESP32 WROOM32U Development Board

$11.00 USD
So, dear trailblazers of innovation, embrace the power of the "Lonely Binary ESP32 WROOM32U Development Board." Let it fuel your imagination, electrify your circuits, and catapult you into a dimension where the extraordinary becomes the norm. Join the Lonely Binary revolution and unlock a world where binary dreams come true.

Flash: 64Mbits (8MB)

64Mbits (8MB)

Set: 1 x ESP32

1 x ESP32
1 x ESP32 + 1 x External Antenna
3 x ESP32 + 3 x External Antenna
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Introducing the extraordinary "Lonely Binary ESP32 WROOM32U Development Board" - the missing puzzle piece that will transform your projects from mundane to magnificent! Crafted by the ingenious minds at Lonely Binary, this board is not just a product; it's a testament to the boundless power of binary brilliance!

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing features of this dev board, specially designed to catapult your creativity into cyberspace! The Lonely Binary ESP32 WROOM32U is more than just a name; it's a declaration of our unwavering commitment to delivering the most innovative and mind-boggling products imaginable.

Feast your eyes on the sheer awesomeness contained within this tiny but mighty board. Powered by the mysterious ESP32 WROOM32U chip, it possesses magical properties that will leave you spellbound. This isn't your run-of-the-mill development board; it's a portal to a universe where imagination and technology collide in perfect harmony.

Picture this: a compact board packed with features that will make your circuits dance with joy. With Lonely Binary at the helm, we've conjured a dev board that transcends the boundaries of conventional design. It's as if the binary gods themselves bestowed their divine wisdom upon us, and we've channeled that energy into every single component.

Embrace the mind-bending capabilities of the ESP32 WROOM32U chip. It's like having a legion of digital minions at your command, working tirelessly to bring your boldest ideas to life. This chip is so incredible, it should come with a warning label: "Caution: may cause uncontrollable fits of technological glee."

But wait, there's more! The Lonely Binary ESP32 WROOM32U Development Board is the pinnacle of versatility. It's your trusty sidekick, ready to assist you in any project you throw its way. Whether you're a coding maestro, a hardware wizard, or a solution provider extraordinaire, this board is your secret weapon for conquering the binary realm.

Imagine the possibilities: from IoT wonders to robotic marvels, home automation masterpieces to mind-bending sensor networks. With Lonely Binary by your side, there are no limits to what you can achieve. It's like having an entire binary orchestra playing a symphony of technological brilliance.

So, dear trailblazers of innovation, embrace the power of the "Lonely Binary ESP32 WROOM32U Development Board." Let it fuel your imagination, electrify your circuits, and catapult you into a dimension where the extraordinary becomes the norm. Join the Lonely Binary revolution and unlock a world where binary dreams come true.


Tech Specs

Mighty ESP32 WROOM32U Chip Harness the power of the ESP32 WROOM32U, a cutting-edge chip that boasts unrivaled performance and reliability. With its advanced capabilities, it's like having a digital wizard by your side.
WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity Enjoy seamless wireless communication with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Connect to the digital world effortlessly and embark on a journey of interconnected possibilities.
Extensive Memory With generous memory resources, including Flash and RAM, this board ensures you have ample space to store your code, data, and files. Say goodbye to storage limitations and welcome endless creativity.
Versatile GPIO Pins Tap into the expansive world of GPIO pins, allowing you to connect a wide range of sensors, actuators, and external devices. Expand your project's horizons and let your imagination run wild.
High-Speed Processing Experience lightning-fast processing speeds with the powerful CPU, enabling you to execute complex algorithms and handle data-intensive tasks with ease. Get ready to turbocharge your projects.
Compact and Durable Design The Lonely Binary ESP32 WROOM32U Development Board combines functionality with durability in a sleek and compact package. Its robust construction ensures longevity, so you can focus on your creations without worry.
Developer-Friendly Designed with developers in mind, this board supports various programming platforms, including Arduino and Espressif's official development framework. Dive into a familiar coding environment and bring your ideas to life effortlessly.
Abundant Peripheral Interfaces Unlock a plethora of possibilities with a wide range of peripheral interfaces, including UART, SPI, I2C, and more. Seamlessly integrate with external devices and expand the scope of your projects.
Secure and Reliable Trust in the board's security mechanisms to keep your data and communications safe. With built-in encryption and authentication features, you can focus on innovation while knowing your projects are protected.
Net Weight 7 g
Dimension (L) 50 mm x (W) 30 mm x (H) 5 mm


What’s in the Box

  • 1 x ESP32 WROOM32U Development Board



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Customer Reviews

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Otte Homan
Nice piece of ESP32

It's a nice board. Well made, you'll need to solder in the headers yourself if you need those. Antenna was a bit fiddly to get in but the connection is solid. It runs Arduino code (you'll need to add the ESP32 family to the Arduino IDE via a json download), pure c/c++ via the ESP-IDF and make or cmake, and others. Very interesting is the FreeRTOS option - split up your Arduino style code into individual vTasks and you can schedule these to run e.g. every 100ms or ever second or minute or hour. It has a real-time clock which can sync to an NTP server via WiFi - not sure if the RTC maintains the date/time when powered off, I doubt it does.
Unit comes with zero documentation, and webshop has no docs either, so you'll need to g00gle or b!ng your way around to get those of the web. Espressif's is probably a good starting point. Let's hack this thing.