Arduino Troubleshooting Guide

Why I can't upload my programs to the Arduino board?

Arduino Software

Make sure you have the right item selected in the Tools > Board menu. If you have an Arduino Uno, you'll need to choose it. Also, newer Arduino Duemilanove boards come with an ATmega328, while older ones have an ATmega168

check that the proper port is selected in the Tools > Serial Port menu.On Windows, it will be a COM port but you'll need to check in the Device Manager (under Ports) to see which one. If you don't seem to have a serial port for your Arduino board, see the following information about drivers.

Serial Driver

Drivers provide a way for software on your computer (i.e. the Arduino software) to talk to hardware you connect to your computer (the Arduino board). On Windows 10, it has USB-serial driver installed by default. 

Reinstall the USB-serial driver

Be warned, the Arduino won’t always be recognized automatically. If your Arduino is not recognized. then uninstall the driver, remove the Arduino, reinsert the Arduino, find the unrecognized device, right click “Update driver”, and then click “Search automatically”. This should fix 99 out of 100 problems.






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