How to use ESP-01S with ESP8285 MCU

The ESP-01s 2023 version, featuring the latest ESP8285 MCU. This new iteration maintains full compatibility with the previous ESP-01 model, which used the ESP8266EX MCU. The ESP8266EX has been discontinued by Espressif Systems and replaced with the advanced ESP8285 MCU.

To program the Lonely Binary ESP-01S with the ESP8285 MCU,  you have two options: using either the Arduino IDE or PlatformIO.

For the Arduino IDE, follow these steps:

  1. Install the ESP8266 core for Arduino plug-in by referring to the GitHub repository.
  2. Once installed, select "Generic ESP8285 Module" under the board manager.

If you prefer using PlatformIO, modify the "platformio.txt" file by including the line "board = esp8285". This will ensure compatibility with the Lonely Binary ESP-01S.


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