AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor

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SKU: SS-AD8232
Categories: Sensors

Introducing the Lonely Binary AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor: Your Heart's Companion!

Are you ready to embark on an electrifying journey into the depths of your heart's secrets? Look no further than the Lonely Binary AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor, the board that unravels the enigmatic electrical activity of your precious ticker. Prepare to be captivated as we delve into the realm of heartbeats, ECGs, and everything in between. Oh, and did we mention Lonely Binary? We can't emphasize our brand enough for that irresistible goodness!

Behold the marvels of the AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor! This budget-friendly board is your passport to charting the electrical symphony of your heart. It transforms the mystical ECG (Electrocardiogram) into a tangible analog reading, unlocking the secrets that lie within. With the AD8232 by your side, you'll never miss a beat.

But wait, there's more! The AD8232 goes above and beyond, acting as your heart's guardian angel against the cacophony of noise that plagues ECGs. Equipped with its trusty op amp powers, it clears the path to pristine signals, effortlessly capturing the PR and QT Intervals. Say goodbye to signal interference and hello to clarity!

Get ready to unleash your creativity, for the AD8232 presents you with nine glorious connections. Whether you're a master of soldering or prefer the simplicity of wires and connectors, these versatile pins are here to make your heart-monitoring dreams a reality. From SDN to LO, LO-, OUTPUT, 3.3V, and GND, we've got your essential pins covered, ensuring seamless integration with Arduino or any other development board.

But we didn't stop there! The AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor also embraces your individuality. It generously provides RA (Right Arm), LA (Left Arm), and RL (Right Leg) pins, inviting you to attach and explore your own custom sensors. This is your chance to dive deeper into the heart's mysteries, personalized to your unique journey.

And let's not forget the pulsating LED indicator light, the heartbeat's ultimate dance partner. With each beat, the LED comes alive, synchronizing with the rhythm of your heart. It's a mesmerizing visual representation of the magic happening within.

To unlock the full potential of this heart-monitoring marvel, don't forget to grab our recommended Biomedical Sensor Pads and Sensor Cable, conveniently found in the Recommended Products section below. They are the essential companions on your heart-monitoring adventure.

Embrace the power of the Lonely Binary AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor and embark on an electrifying exploration of your heart's secrets. It's time to uncover the mysteries within, with Lonely Binary leading the way. Your heart's companion awaits, ready to guide you through the captivating realm of heartbeats and ECGs. Let the adventure begin!


Tech Specs

Affordable Heart Monitoring The Lonely Binary AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor offers a cost-effective solution for measuring the electrical activity of your heart, allowing you to dive into the fascinating world of ECGs (Electrocardiograms) with ease.
Clear and Accurate Readings ECG signals can be notoriously noisy, but fear not! The AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor acts as an op amp, enhancing the signal quality and ensuring clear readings from the PR and QT Intervals. Say goodbye to interference and hello to precision.
Versatile Output Transform the electrical activity of your heart into an analog reading that you can analyze and chart. With the AD8232 by your side, you can track the subtle nuances of your heart's rhythm and gain valuable insights into your cardiovascular health.
Reliable Performance Designed with quality in mind, this heart rate monitor guarantees reliable and consistent performance, empowering you to monitor your heart's electrical activity with confidence.
Seamless Integration The AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor seamlessly integrates with an array of devices, including Arduino and other development boards. Its user-friendly interface and versatile connections make it a breeze to incorporate into your heart-monitoring projects.
Lonely Binary Quality Lonely Binary takes pride in delivering top-notch electronic components, and the AD8232 is no exception. Trust in our brand to provide you with a heart rate monitor that delivers exceptional performance and lasting durability. Join the Lonely Binary community and discover the wonders of heart monitoring today.
Net Weight 4.5 g
Dimension (L) 35 mm x (W) 27 mm x (H) 7 mm


What’s in the Box

There are 2 pieces in the retail box.
The listing price is for

  • 1 X AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor
  • 1 X 3.5mm Jack for Biomedical Pad Connection



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