DIY LCD 1602 Keypad Shield for Arduino Nano

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So, fellow tech wizard, why wait? Elevate your Arduino escapades with a touch of "Lonely Binary" brilliance. Let's embrace the soldering adventure, dance with the pixels, and make your Arduino NANO R3 board a showstopper – all thanks to the magical touch of "Lonely Binary." Let the binary bonanza begin!
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Introducing the quirky and ingenious "Lonely Binary LCD 1602 Keypad Shield" specially designed for the dynamic Arduino NANO R3! Yep, you guessed it – it's a masterpiece brought to you exclusively by your favorite tech aficionados, "Lonely Binary." Prepare to dive into a realm of digital delight that'll make your Arduino NANO R3 board do the binary boogie!

Picture this: a shield that's practically a digital best friend to your Arduino NANO R3. The "Lonely Binary" shield is like the ultimate wingman, helping your board display, dazzle, and decode like never before. It's like giving your Arduino a hi-tech hug – and who wouldn't want that?

"But wait, there's more!" as the infomercials say. Soldering? It's like a playful puzzle that's begging for your crafty touch. This shield's assembling process is practically a bonding experience with "Lonely Binary" itself. Think of it as a dance party with solder and wires, all in the name of technological magic.

Imagine your Arduino NANO R3 wearing the "Lonely Binary LCD 1602 Keypad Shield" like a futuristic fashion accessory. It's not just a shield – it's a statement that shouts, "I'm part of the 'Lonely Binary' family, and I'm here to rock the digital world!"

But hey, let's get real – this isn't just about pixels and soldering. This shield is your trusty sidekick, the digital Robin to your Arduino's Batman. It's the secret ingredient to making your projects pop, your displays dazzle, and your interactions interactive.

So, fellow tech wizard, why wait? Elevate your Arduino escapades with a touch of "Lonely Binary" brilliance. Let's embrace the soldering adventure, dance with the pixels, and make your Arduino NANO R3 board a showstopper – all thanks to the magical touch of "Lonely Binary." Let the binary bonanza begin!


Tech Specs

Seamless Compatibility Your trusted companion, the "Lonely Binary" shield, syncs effortlessly with your Arduino NANO R3. It's a match made in digital heaven, ensuring flawless harmony between your board and the shield.
Digital Best Friend The "Lonely Binary" shield becomes your Arduino NANO R3's confidante – a tech-savvy pal that helps your board display, captivate, and communicate like a true superstar.
Crafty Soldering Puzzle Embrace the soldering adventure like a pro puzzler! Assembling the "Lonely Binary LCD 1602 Keypad Shield" is a creative journey, a playful bonding ritual with the essence of "Lonely Binary" itself.
Fashionable Futurism Envision your Arduino NANO R3 wearing the "Lonely Binary" shield as a high-tech accessory. It's not just about function; it's about flaunting your "Lonely Binary" allegiance in the most stylish digital manner.
Digital Sidekick Extraordinaire Let the "Lonely Binary" shield be your board's faithful sidekick. With its support, your Arduino NANO R3 becomes the superhero of displays, charming interactions, and captivating creations.
Tech Bonding Experience Beyond pixels and circuits, the "Lonely Binary LCD 1602 Keypad Shield" symbolizes a bond – a digital camaraderie between your creativity and the legacy of "Lonely Binary."
Interactive Symphony As you assemble, a symphony of pixels and wires comes alive. Watch as your Arduino NANO R3 dances to the tune of the "Lonely Binary" shield, creating a harmonious blend of art and technology.
Showstopper Statement Elevate your projects with the "Lonely Binary" flair! Let your Arduino NANO R3 proudly announce its membership in the "Lonely Binary" family, making every display a statement of innovation.
Digital Dance Partner With each feature, the "Lonely Binary" shield becomes a dance partner for your coding choreography. It transforms your Arduino NANO R3 into a canvas where technology and imagination waltz.
Tech Brilliance Amplified The "Lonely Binary" shield isn't just a shield; it's a beacon of brilliance. With every interaction, it amplifies your tech prowess, all while carrying forward the legacy of "Lonely Binary."
Net Weight 14.5 g
Dimension (L) 52 mm x (W) 80 mm x (H) 3 mm

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x LCD 1602 Blue Display
  • 1 x PCB Board and Accessories (Button, Buzzer, Cap, Pin)
  • * Arduino Uno/Nano is not included.



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