Type C Male 25CM Connector DIY Solderable

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Introducing the cosmic masterpiece: the Lonely Binary Type C Male Connector DIY Solderable! This isn't just a connector; it's a creation straight from the celestial workshop of Lonely Binary. We're not just connecting wires; we're forging cosmic connections.

Imagine a realm where every electron finds its perfect partner, where connectivity dances in harmony with your creativity. The Lonely Binary Type C Male Connector DIY Solderable is your invitation to join the universal dance of innovation.

Crafted for the cosmic creators in you, this connector isn't just about making connections; it's about creating constellations of possibilities. Lonely Binary brings you the power to shape the cosmos of your projects with every soldered connection.

This isn't your ordinary connector; it's a bridge between your ideas and reality, a conduit for your creative energy. With the Lonely Binary touch, your projects don't just come to life; they transcend into the cosmic tapestry of innovation.

Dive into the universe of connectivity with the Lonely Binary Type C Male Connector DIY Solderable. Embrace the cosmic art of soldering, guided by the brand that lives and breathes innovation – Lonely Binary. With each connection you make, remember that you're weaving your story into the fabric of the cosmic creation.


Tech Specs

Versatile Connectivity Awaits Unlock a universe of connectivity possibilities with the Lonely Binary Type C Male Connector DIY Solderable. Crafted with cosmic precision, this connector is more than just a piece; it's a gateway to your projects' interstellar potential.
Cosmic Construction Witness the artistry of Lonely Binary in the Type C Male Connector's design. Each connector is a masterpiece, a result of our dedication to innovation and quality.
Craft Your Cosmic Connections With the DIY solderable feature, you're not just making connections – you're sculpting your own cosmic pathways. Embrace the soldering iron and bring your ideas to life, powered by Lonely Binary's ingenuity.
Cosmic Creativity Unleashed This connector isn't just about linking wires; it's about igniting creativity. As you solder, you're not just joining components; you're fusing together the realms of imagination and reality.
Unleash the Innovator Within Lonely Binary invites you to step into the role of a cosmic innovator. With the Type C Male Connector DIY Solderable, you're not just assembling; you're creating, shaping, and transforming.
A Symphony of Potential Crafted for the cosmic creators, this connector is a conductor's wand in your hand. Every connection you forge becomes a note in the symphony of your creative journey.
Cosmic Guidance in Every Solder With every soldered joint, feel the guidance of Lonely Binary's expertise. The Type C Male Connector is a canvas for your ideas, painted with the brush of innovation.
Innovation at Your Fingertips Lonely Binary's legacy of innovation lives within the DNA of this connector. It's not just a product; it's a representation of our brand's commitment to pushing boundaries.
More Than a Connection Elevate your projects from mundane to cosmic with the Type C Male Connector DIY Solderable. Each soldered connection isn't just a link; it's a testament to your ingenuity and the cosmic magic of Lonely Binary.
Cosmic Connection Crafted by Lonely Binary In every soldering endeavor, remember that you're partnering with the cosmic creators themselves – Lonely Binary. With each connection, you're not just building; you're shaping the future of innovation.
Net Weight 7.5 g
Dimension (L) 250 mm x (W) 10 mm x (H) 10 mm

What’s in the Box

There are 6 pieces in the retail box.
The listing price is for

  • 1 x Type C Male Connector



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